The General  Maczek Museum’s goals are:

  • To  collect (property or lend) sustain and display items and documents  regarding World War II. To encourage interest and to promote knowledge  of the history of this period.
  • To  focus on the history of the Polish Military contribution at the  Western –European front 1939 -1948. After 1948 the Polish troops were  decommissioned. The emphasis on the operations conducted by the Polish Troops in the Netherlands in particular the 1st Polish  Armoured Division,  1st Independent Parachute Brigade and the Polish Air Force.  This does not imply that periods before or after 1939 – 1948 are excluded.
  • To  be attentive to the history and what have happened in the broadest sensein Breda and surrounded areas in this special period of time. This includes the local population, the German occupiers and the Allied Forces.
  • To  execute and contribute within its limits which is connected to the objectives of the General Maczek Museum.