The  start and history of the General Maczek Museum in Breda

In the seventies of the last century the honourable gentlemen  A.J.M. van Alphen, C. Coenders en W. Mol started to collect items, books en  writings about the events in Breda during World War Two.Especially the  liberation of the town by the 1e Polish Armoured Division which was lead by  General Maczek was of their interest. The collection grew to a private museum in  one of the founders houses.

The foundation was instituted in 1981, and received the name  Museum of Breda Poland 1939-1945. After a visit to the exhibition, which was  organised in the building of the St Olof  retail school, General Maczek approved  that his name could be connected to the museum. The foundations name now: “Foundation Museum of Breda Poland  1939-1945 General Maczek”.

In 1997 the museum was transferred to the current location: Trip van  Zoudtlandtkazerne in Breda.