Become friend of the General Maczek Museum

Dear madam/ sir,

It  gives us great pleasure to inform you that on the 8th of September  2010 the “Friends of General Maczek Museum” foundation was established. The  foundation’s aim is to preserve the museum for the future. The foundation’s aim  according their covenants is: to obtain funding for the financial support of the  in Breda located foundation “Museum Breda- Poland 1939-1945 General Maczek” and  by them exploited museum. Also but not exclusively establish new housing for the  museum and to do as mentioned above.

The “Friends of General Maczek Museum” is  serving the public and has no focus in gaining any profit. Co-workers of the museum will operate on complete voluntarily basis and will  receive therefore no pay or allowance. Hence it is possible that the Museum  opens to the public on the second and fourth Sunday of each month for free. To  maintain the museum, to expand the collection, including the library and the  conservation involves a lot of money. Any form of subvention is not received.

We  love to invite you to become “Friend of the General Maczek Museum” and with your  help to support us this special Museum, which is cared by so many people,  preserve it for the future and expand it if possible.

This can be achieved by donating € 25,- annually or a higher amount at your  convenience is much appreciated. As a company this can be done by a minimal  donation of € 100,-. Friends of the museum will be informed via a news letter regarding activities of  the foundation.

We  are looking forward to your positive responds by clicking on the donation form below: Donation form
I  hope we can count on you?

Best regards, The committee
Drs. H.W.S.M. (Harrie) Nuijten  Chairman
Ir. J. Brink Secretary